Steel and Metal Painting Mississauga

Steel and Metal Painting Mississauga

For more than 15 years, Konimax Restoration INC has been offering efficient Steel and Metal Painting services to the people of Mississauga, serving residential, commercial, as well as industrial clients. We provide the best painting solutions to our clients, making sure we our services are tailored according to their needs.

At Konimax Restoration INC, we believe no painting project is ‘small’ or ‘huge’. This is why our talented team of certified and professional painters are always striving to assist each customer in achieving the looks, and the protection that they desire. We are the leading service for Steel and Metal Painting Mississauga, with experts who are dedicated to provide craftsmanship that stands out, and is delivered within the designated deadline, and doesn’t exceed the client’s budget.

Each project for Steel and Metal Painting Mississauga that Konimax Restoration INC undertakes is completed with the aim of providing our customers with a painting solution that increases the lifespan of the client’s residential or commercial building. Our outstanding professionals offer an array of services ranging from site inspection, estimation of costs, and even final inspection. We ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the final result of their industrial, residential, or commercial process of Steel and Metal Painting Mississauga.

At Konimax Restoration INC, we are considerate of our client’s requirements, understanding fully that they have a company to run. We tailor our team’s timings in such a way that they work for our client based on the customer’s schedule to ensure maximum ease, and satisfaction for them.

As a service provider for Steel and Metal Painting Mississauga, we have won the hearts of our customers, and earned their trust over the course of 15 years of operation in Mississauga. Our highly skilled team is always ready to cater to the demands of our customers, and provide them with efficient, and cost-effective services.

Our steel and metal painting covers an array of styles which includes body filling, engraving, protective over-coating, and masking, short run batch over coating, and even screen printing. At Konimax Restoration INC, our team of experienced professional painters can provide clients with the best painting solutions for their covers, bezels, dials, panels, chassis, and much more!

Konimax Restoration INC aims for maximum customer satisfaction while providing painting solutions that protect their items, and are meant to last. We offer small to high volume production, and are well reputed for our successful project completion with medical, military, electronics, and even aerospace industries.

At Konimax Restoration INC, we have thoroughly tested and refined our metal, aluminium, and steel refinishing systems. We prepare surfaces in detail, pre-test the site extensively, and perform colour correction tests to ensure our services are always up to mark. We also monitor the thickness of the film, as well as test adhesion.

We are the number one choice for residents and industries situated in Mississauga for painting solutions because of our speedy service, high coverage quality, and high efficiency especially when it comes to rough surfaced metals, or the difficult to access areas on the metal surfaces. Contact us today to get in touch with experienced professionals!

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